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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified SGI Engineers was established in the year 2004. Witnessing series of natural disasters & electrical fires, the seed of SGI was sown to provide preventive measures to save Life, Live-Stock and Asset.


    ★   Create a consortium that provides for Safety of Life, Live-Stocks and Assets from man made or natural disasters/accidents through Advanced Technology solutions.


    ★   Provide techno-commercially viable, sustainable and maintenance free solutions in Earthing & Lightning and Statics at affordable price.


    ★   SGI is committed to ensure Safety of Human Life, Live-Stock and Assets by pre-empting and neutralizing electrical hazards.
    ★   Aims to achieve this systematically by working with clients to establish innovative concepts and technologies through R & D, Manufacturing and Training Facilities, complying with National and International Laws and Standards, and continual improvement.


    ★   SGI is equipped with requisite expertise and wide-ranging experience to undertake projects from Concept to Commission. Highly trained team & Certified Channel Partners ensure Quality & Consistency of the Installation while still retaining flexibility. Safety & adherence to International Codes is built in the very fabric of SGI.

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