Audits are generally designed to test Protection Systems to ensure that they will operate effectively during an electrical fault.

LPS Audit

An audit to recommend Lightning Protection System for structures call for understanding the characteristics and effects of lightning strike and methods to be adopted to safe guard the assets and live stocks.
As there is no known method of preventing the occurrence of natural phenomena such as a Lightning Strike / Discharge, the purpose of Lightning Protection System is to control the passage of a discharge in such a manner that prevents injury to personnel and property damage.

Standards for Lightning Protection Systems:
● IEC 62305:2012 - Protection against Lightning
● NFC 17 102
● BS 6651:1999 - Lightning Protection for Structures
● NFPA 780:2014 - Standards for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

SGI Engineers use the above standards for providing implementable Lightning Protection Solution which consists of;
● Design and Consultancy
● Risk Assessments to IEC 62305:2012
● CAD Drawings
● Site visit to assess site conditions
● Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Earthing Audit

Audits for Earthing System are designed to test protection systems to ensure that they will operate effectively during a fault condition.

SGI Engineers provides;
● Grounding Solutions with a complete Electrical Grounding System Evaluations, Audits and Grounding Safety Surveys which can reduce the probability of injury and loss.
● Design of technically Secure Solutions, using the best practices.
● Fault Current Distribution Modeling.
● Rise of Earth Potential Studies.
● Safety calculations for Touch and Step Potentials.
● On site surveys and assessments.
● On site FoP measurements.
● Soil Resistivity Testing.
● Soil Modeling and Analysis.

LPS/Earthing Audit Solution can be given to:
Buildings - Residential and Commercial
Industrial Plants
Power Industry
Mobile Communication Systems
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
Oil and Gas Industry

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