The adequacy study of a project is done keeping in view of implementable changes possible in a running plant or an establishment as per NFPA, BS, API, ANSI, IEEE and other international standards. We have an in-house team of experts who understand interdependent parameters and its influences at the time of occurrence of a fault. We specialize in performing root cause analysis and identify the cause responsible for multiple effects. In case of earthing, we study the existing earth point and its connectivity to theoretically assess the Resistance, Step Potential, Touch Potential, Grid Potential Rise, adequacy of continuous current density, adequacy of short time current density, permanency of the grid, earth pits, etc.


Each design is location specific. Safety can be provided through design and not by product. Saving Life, Live-Stock and Asset is essentially through proper design. Our engineers are trained to provide common Earthing Solution for various frequencies of fault. We can create a three dimensional soil resistivity map in order to balance the current density across the whole plant or establishment, to avoid dangerous potential differences in the region, we intend to protect. NFPA 70, NFPA 780, IEEE 80-2000, IEEE-81-1993, IEEE-142-1991, IEEE-665-1995, IEEE-1100-2003, BS6651-1999, BSEN 62305-2003, API RP 2003 are few of the reference documents that form the back bone of our design. We have developed versatile software which allows our engineers to fit in parameters fixed by the client and design using the limited variable criteria.


●   Back filling compound ( Earthcon and Terec ) as per requirement
●   Earth pit (copper bonded rod, GI pipe etc)
●   HDPE earth pit cover with accessories
●   ESE type lightning arrestor
●   Lightning flash counter
●   Teletester


We house a team of technical supervisors who can work closely with the installers ensuring design compliance. The supervisors are trained to adopt the path of knowledge transfer which educates and trains the contractors for future installation. The process of supervision practiced is reforming rather than insisting. It has been noticed that the contractors like Larsen and Turbo, Siemens, ABB and other large installers enjoy working with us imbibing good industrial practices and modern techniques. We invest our time and knowledge in this modern world among societies who need us the most. Hazard does not strike after ringing a bell. In an endeavor to provide a continuously safe system, we need to work as a team. We submit that we alone cannot make a difference if you are not with us.

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